Sea Trapper

Sea Trapper 3.2

Discover curious caves hiding extraordinary beauty of the underwater world!

A very entertaining arcade game. Your task in Sea Trapper as a scuba diver is to collect as much different sea creatures and fishes as you can. As a scuba diver you will need oxygen to keep your way inside of caves. You will have a harpoon gun and you can collect a net to trap creatures. Enemies are fishes, crabs, sword fishes, sea horses, octopus, sharks, cramps and whales. Each will give you 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 point bonus. You should collect treasures as diamonds of different colors, trunks and gold. Bonus will appear as life, oxygen under water, engine, and super gun, you must catch them diving to them. All you need in order to control your navigation is your keyboard, arrow keys left, right, up and down to move, space control to fire gun, and use shift to drop the net. You can also use you mouse moving it left, right, up and down to swim, left button to fire harpoon gun, and right to drop the net. You must be fast because game in ruining against time and you need to collect enough creatures to reach next levels.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Fast program and easy game to play


  • The same situation repeats again and again
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